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Stadler Form Albert DeHumidifier 20 Liters Swiss Design

SKU : A-041E

(15 customer reviews)


  • Room coverage: 70 m²
  • 20 liter dehumidification capacity in 24 hours
  • Digital 24 hour timer with swing mode that ensures optimal air distribution in the room
  • 5 liter water tank with automatic handle
  • Hose for constant drainage and wheels for easy transportation

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Where humid rooms are a nightmare, the dehumidifier Albert feels right at home! On the ground floor or in the basement, in the house by the water or even in the laundry, Albert is an efficient dehumidifier. The swing function of the air outlet ensures optimal air distribution. The dehumidifier Albert avoids efficiently mold in any room.

Albert – Dehumidifies Any Room.

Swiss Design since 1998.

We develop beautiful and useful household appliances. We are passionate about household innovation. We focus on improving air and indoor climate. We equip living rooms with cool and pleasant devices. Our devices are among the best in shape, function and handling and are useful roommates of our customers.

Albert dehumidifier feels comfortable where there is a lot of moisture. Whether in the apartment, in the basement or in the laundry room, Albert dehumidifies moist air quickly and efficiently wherever necessary. The swivel function on the air outlet ensures optimal air distribution and thus supports the dehumidification of large rooms. With the unique 24-hour timer you can set the on/off time precisely in minutes.

  • 24-hour timer.
  • Swivel function on the air outlet.
  • Hygrostat for target humidity as desired.
  • Water tank with automatic lifting handle.
  • Transport wheels for more flexibility.

Optimum air distribution.

The swivel function on the air outlet distributes the air optimally and supports dehumidification, especially in large rooms.


Display with precise hygrostat

All settings are activated via the dimmable display. With the hygrostat, the desired humidity is precisely defined.

Easy to use.

The generous 5-litre water tank has an integrated carry handle, which automatically lifts for easy handling

Technical Data

System                       :        Compressor
Color                        :        White
Room size m²                :         70
Room size m³                :         175
Capacity                     :         20L
Power level                  :         3
Power Consumption        :     230 W
Water Tank Capacity      :     5L
Noise Level                  :         33 – 44 dB(A)
Weight                       :         12.5 kg
Dimensions                   :         350 x 655 x 252 mm


Stadler Form

Stadler Form develops and designs devices in Switzerland with innovative technology to optimize the indoor climate
Stadler Form stands out for its focus on design aesthetics, functionality, and user experience. Renowned for innovative designs, superior materials, and outstanding performance, the company consistently earns accolades for its products.

15 reviews for Stadler Form Albert DeHumidifier 20 Liters Swiss Design

  1. Gardener&Cook

    I have two Albert dehumidifiers. Ordered the first one last fall. It did not work – the fan ran but the compressor did not and hence it collected no water. I contacted US Stadler customer support (Swizz Style) via email. Very quick reply. Very friendly. The problem is that in shipping an electrical cable tends to become disconnected. Their technician talked me through how to disassemble and re-seat the connector. Worked fine.I needed a second one. Standler offered me a discount on the second one to compensate for problems with the first. They said that the latest version of the Albert had fixed the problem by making the cable a little longer and that the second one would be from the new batch. I ordered.The second Albert arrived. I was clearly a repaired unit from the first batch. The serial number on unit #2 was less than the one on unit #1. There were noticeable scuff marks on the unit. I sent email to Swizz Style. I sent more email. No reply. Waited a few weeks, No reply. Tried calling. No answer. I started to get worried that their US representative had good out of business. More email. More attempted phone calls. Finally they answered the phone. They agreed to replace unit #2. The exchange went fine.Unit #1 and #3 work fine. Much quieter than previous dehumidifiers I have had. One runs in our bed room each night during the rainy season. One of the best features is the humidity control – lets you adjust the humidity level in % instead of Hi, Med, Lo so that it only runs the amount that you really need. I adjust it depending on the outside temperature to prevent condensation on the windows.So bottom line, Alberts work great so far. Just a hassle to get to good ones.

  2. Harold Levy

    I have a very large very humid bedroom that traditional dehumidifers were too loud and cumbersome and the smaller ones were ineffective. This one blends right into my room, is incredibly quite, and effective!

  3. Bank Street Writer

    Very nice machine. I have it running 24 hrs a day and it’s effective. Also quiet and doesn’t disturb. Excellent quality and glad paid extra for the device.

  4. John

    I have owned this unit for about 2 years now and it works well. I use it in a basement media room where I wanted a very quiet unit. This unit needs to be set about 10% higher then you actually want the humidty to be. This is a very expensive unit at $600, but it has continued to function well and quietly.The pros:- quiet unit at 33 decibels (low speed) compared to other humidifiers that are 45-60 decibels (low speed)- attractive Swiss style- supports external drainage (additional pump required for non-gravity application)The cons:- price- hygrometer is accurate (about 10% higher then reality)- included bucket is smallish (I empty it about every week)- only supports incriments of 5% humidity set points- filter cover can rattle (a few small pieces of felt can help with this)

  5. K. Rogers

    Update 1/18These units have been running non-stop since I purchased them and (knock wood) we haven’t had a single issue. They are as quiet as they day we got them. I’m very satisfied with them.I purchased two of these units as returns through Amazon’s warehouse deals. Both of them arrived in perfectly fine condition. They seem to work well. I live 5 blocks from the ocean and we had historically suffered with mold behind our dressers and book shelves. Both of these units run 24/7 on high speed although they shut off automatically when they reach my set level. I don’t find the noise of the units to be bothersome but I do find the display to be quite bright. Even placed on the nighttime setting it is too bright for the bedroom. I end up hanging a piece of clothing over the display to block out the light. That is about my only complaint. Otherwise I think these work fine. I have no prior dehumidifier experience to base the effetiveness of these units off of however.


    this is by far the best of the best , well worth every penny , its so quiet.that’s the reason I purchased , only issue is the water storage tank is far to small , so for this unit its best to have it direct to the drain connection.

  7. Mike C.

    This is definitely the best looking dehumidifier on the market. That being said, I have gone through 3 units since 2015. Stradler Form USA has great customer service and replaced each failed unit out of warranty. My 3rd one is about to fail again. Even though the customer service is excellent, this product is highly flawed and lasts 1-2 years maximum. I’m sorry to say that will not be replacing this unit with another Stradler Form Albert when it dies. I’m moving on to another brand with greater longevity and a lower price.

  8. Tony B

    This was recommended by a friend. Previously had a dehumidifier that was very loud. This was irritating because we had to run it in our kitchen/living room area. This one has been awesome. It has 3 different speeds that you can set it to along with just about any humidity level. The sound, even on high, is hardly noticeable at all (compared to previous one). It’ll run until it reaches the desired humidity and then will automatically turn off. It also will give out 3 loud beeps to notify you when the water container is full and needs to be emptied.

  9. florida1

    I did buy more than one of these…all the identical unit…..and am actually reviewing the one I bought, opened and used from Costco. The Amazon unit was returned before use………First, let me say….I am impressed with the design appearance and design overall. This appeared to be a quality product. I have had prior dehumidifiers…..all that would be an eyesore to most rooms, other than an unfinished basement or attic. (Which is where most people use these products I guess). I wanted to use in my bedroom……and this looked like a piece it would fit with furniture from Scan Design or other modern electronics/furtniture. It seemed to be built solidly, with good thought into most design features.It was very quiet when compared to other dehumidifiers I have used……not silent…..but much more tolerable in even the bedroom setting (see below for exception).The fan seems to shut off when you reach the desired humidity which is a plus….on other units I have had….the fan runs 24/7 despite the lower humidity….so it still uses electricity…and the recent Delonghi…..70 pint unit I recently returned for noise level, even is MUCH louder set to LOW fan speed with just the fan…(not the condenser)……than this unit is on HI, with the condenser ON.When it reaches desired humidity..the vents even fold back into the unit….kind of a neat feature.I do like that the unit has 3 noticibly different fan speeds…appropriately labeled 1, 2 and 3.The water tank seems to be well designed, with most of the top covered with a fold back lid to assist in avoiding spills. Most others I have seen or used are fully open on top allowing for easy splashing over as you walk. This unit did not seem to have that issue. My Delonghi unit also when you pulled out the water collecting bucket, the unit shut off….but water continued to leak into the empty space where the bucket used to be…and you had to dry that off every time you emptied the bucket. Not with this Stadler…….when I came back to the unit….it would be dry…….well designed overall.Now for the negatives…I live in Florida…where it is hot and humid all year. Was hoping this would reduce the humidity…the risk of mold….as well as the constant need to run the air conditioning…(Partially for humidity much of the year). The only problem…..I found when I ran this unit in an approximately 300 square foot bedroom……the warmish air blown out of the top, even on LOW speed……warmed the room about 2-3 degrees warmer than any other room. (All rooms are usually amost exact temp, but with this unit on……noticibly warmer in this bedroom….and thermometers confirmed 2-3 degree difference). I guess most room dehumidifiers produce warm air as a byproduct of their method of removing water from the air.Lesser small design flaws (in my opinion), which would not be deal breakers….but things they could easily fix……..The screen dims when put in Night Mode……but unfortunately, this does nothing to silence the full water bucket warning….that causes a reapeated chime alarm that is fairly loud….even in the middle of the night. The unit is designed to shut off fully when full…so in my opinion, if you have it in NIGHT MODE, the unit should silence the full bucket alarm as well as dim the screen. It went off once for me in the middle of the night…and did wake me up.Also, a con would be the small size of the bucket. Run on high….I am not sure the unit would be able to run overnight…..without alarming for a full bucket. I therefore chose to run mine on low fan speed overnight. A larger bucket would be nice….but would probably make the unit larger size…so I understand why they chose such a small bucket size.And lastly….as a con….would be the pricey price tag…..definitely more than most room units……(of same or larger capacity/function). I do think this unit is well designed both in function and appearance…..

  10. Deb

    Pricey, yes, but if you want something quiet this is probably the best to be found. In this case, quieter means that the fan doesn’t run on as high of a speed, and this directly affects the amount of moisture removal abilities it has, but it does quite well for us in our large family room. Best of all, we can live with it as our other previous 3 other brands had such loud fans that we felt like needing to shout to be heard when talking to others! Not anymore, so this was definitely worth the price for us.

  11. Amazon Customer

    Great dehumidifier. I plugged it in, it read the humidity level in the basement within 5 mins and began pulling it out of the room. Installing floors this weekend and this will be perfect to get any moisture out before and after install!

  12. Stephen A. Mitchell

    I should have bought this sooner. I placed this in my cart four years ago but bought a much less expensive unit. That unit worked one year and then the compressor stopped working. I replaced it with another through the warranty. The previous unit was so loud it would wake me up each time the compressor kicked in. This unit truly is quiet. It is so quiet I can not hear it over the white noise fan that I sleep with. I was happy to discover the morning after first use that the tank was full of water and that it did in fact work. It also helps that it is stylish and does not look like a hunk of rattling plastic in my otherwise well appointed room. Sometimes you actually do get what you pay for. This is the Dyson of dehumidifiers.

  13. Beverly

    This is by far the quietest and most efficient dehumidifier on the market. You truly do get what you paid for in this product. Our circa 1880 English basement is perfectly dry and comfortable. The output is amazing. There are no more musky damp smells and it makes the air conditioning unit run more efficiently, too. I highly recommend the Stadler Form Albert dehumidfier!

  14. bobmdtsd

    UPDATE FOR SEPTEMBER 2021: This amazing unit lasted a solid 7 years (through multiple moves) before it appears that the compressor finally gave out. (The fan continues to work, but dehumidification no longer works). For the price, I feel the performance over 7 years was outstanding. I’m going to attempt to contact the manufacturer to see if it can be repaired, but I thought that other buyers might like to know how long the unit lasted for me. I’m very happy with this product overall and would still recommend it highly. (I have no affiliation with this company and am not being compensated in any way- just to be clear).ORIGINAL 2014 REVIEW: I needed a reliable, quiet, and reasonable capacity dehumidifier that was also presentable enough to leave on in a living room. This Stadler Form Albert product seemed to fit the bill, but the steep price tag and the split reviews were a big concern. The 240V reference was also confusing, but one of the reviewers cleared that up (thank you). I went ahead and decided to give it a shot, and worst case, I’d suffer through some remote support or in the end have to return it. I opened up the boxes, and kept them around thinking I may need them. The instructions indicated to keep the Albert unit upright for 24 hours before its first use so I did. Once I turned it on, and ever since (2 days now), it has been working exactly as advertised. PROS: it is decently quiet – at times the compressor may sound slightly louder, but then tends to quiet back down rather quickly. It has already extracted an entire canister of water from the air in my hallway/entry in 12 hrs. It looks great and required no repairs or retrofit out of the box. The controls and display are easy to understand/use. CONS: relatively steep price, the hygrostat (as mentioned in other reviews) may not be precise — but I personally don’t care — as long as I can establish a relative setting of “MORE” or “LESS” humidity guidance for the Albert to follow, I’m happy! So long as you have the same luck with the unit that is delivered to you, I would say that you’d be happy with this product. Let’s hope it continues to operate this way for an extended period of time!

  15. RichardC

    I bought an ALBERT refurbished by Stadler Form 15 months ago. No trouble, very quiet until 3 weeks ago when the compressor all of a sudden died. I contacted Stadler Form, they not only paid the shipping for sending my unit to them, as soon as they got it they sent me a brand new one. It is flawless and I am back to using a nice quiet dehumidifier in my den, Nobody else makes a quiet one that I know of. One last point, the warranty was only for one year but they immediately replaced my unit several months after it had expired. I don’t often write reviews but the service and the dehumidifier rate 5 stars.

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