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Aeris Swoppster Happy Ergonomics Active Chair for Kids – Blue



The Aeris Swoppster is suitable for children of kindergarten and primary school age and is height-adjustable (15kg-50kg, up to a height of 160cm). Its movement dimensions promote physical and mental development because movement has been proven to increase concentration and enhance learning. This ergonomic children’s desk chair makes healthy and active sitting possible from the very beginning. With its choice of different colours, the children’s swivel chair is an eye-catcher in every child’s room. Choose from colourful seat covers and a white or black frame and configure the Swoppster in your child’s favourite colour.

The breathable cover of the Aeris Swoppster in blue is easily removable and even washable. The castors of the black frame can also be replaced with glides (included) if required. Thus, the Swoppster can easily be converted into a children’s desk chair without castors.

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our child doesn’t want to sit still? You should be happy! For kids it’s normal and important to constantly move and fidget. With the Aeris Swoppster, sitting still is not an option. The ergonomic desk chair for children is designed specifically for meeting the needs of kindergarten and primary school children – activity and fun. Movement promotes neuronal networking in the brain and thus mental development. When sitting on the Aeris Swoppster, the brain is optimally supplied with oxygen and blood so kids can concentrate much better while studying. So, where were we on homework? On 2 x 3 equals …?




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