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How to Manage Humidity and Heat during the Summer in the UAE

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) experiences hot, humid summers which leads to increase in humidity that can be uncomfortable and provide a variety of difficulties indoors in addition to high temperatures. In this article, we’ll examine the nuances of summer humidity in Dubai, look at how it affects indoor spaces, and talk about how crucial it is to use the right dehumidifiers to successfully address these problems.

How Humidity Affects Things: In the UAE, scorching heat and high humidity levels can create an uncomfortable indoor climate. Because our bodies can’t effectively cool off through natural evaporation in conditions of high humidity, we feel sticky, sweat a lot, and are less comfortable. Additionally, the elevated moisture content in the air creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow, providing a health risk.

Understanding the Importance of Dehumidifiers

In the UAE, the issues brought on by summer humidity are greatly mitigated by dehumidifiers. How does a Dehumidifier Work? These potent gadgets work by sucking up additional moisture from the air, lowering humidity levels, and improving home comfort and health. By using dehumidifiers, we may reduce the risk of respiratory problems often linked to air quality, stop the growth of mold, and enhance general health.

Finding the Best Dehumidifier by Comparing Models When choosing a dehumidifier, it is vital to take into account crucial elements including dehumidification capacity, energy efficiency, noise levels, and additional functions. In order to determine which dehumidifier is best suited to reducing summertime humidity, let’s evaluate the top 3 popular dehumidifiers: Albert, Pro Breeze, and Crownline.

The comparison table:

Air Purifier

Albert Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Dehumidifier

Crownline Dehumidifier

Dehumidification Capacity (in 24 hours)

20 liters

20 liters

20 liters

Water Tank




Room Size Coverage


20 – 30 m²

30 m²

Energy Consumption

230 W

450 W

450 W

Noise Level

33 – 44 dB(A)

≤48 dBA

≤48 dBA

When taking into account the comparison table, Albert Dehumidifier stands out as a fantastic option for reducing summertime humidity in the UAE. It efficiently eliminates extra moisture from medium-sized rooms up to 70m2 with a dehumidification capability of 20 liters per day. It can operate for a long time before needing to empty its 5-liter water tank. The Albert Dehumidifier also uses 230 W of power, which makes it economical and energy-efficient dehumidifier. It delivers a relatively quiet operation with a noise level ranging from 33 to 44 dB(A).

Although Pro Breeze Dehumidifier has a similar dehumidification capacity, it is best suited for smaller spaces due to its coverage area, which is only 20 to 30 m2. But with a 450 W energy consumption, it uses more energy. The noise level of the Pro Breeze Dehumidifier is 48 dB(A).

Crown Dehumidifier, on the other hand, has a slightly greater coverage area (30 m2) but uses the same amount of energy (450 W) as the Pro Breeze Dehumidifier. Its 48 dB(A) noise level is comparable to the Pro Breeze variant.


  • High dehumidification capacity of 20 liters per day, efficiently eliminating excess moisture from the air; Suitable for medium-sized rooms up to 70 m2, giving coverage for a sizable indoor area.
  • Low operating costs are made possible by the appliance’s energy efficiency (230 W power consumption)
  • 5-liter water tank capacity, which allows for prolonged use before emptying, and
  • Quiet operation (33 to 44 dB(A) noise level).
  • Swiss Origin, Known for Quality & Reliability 


  • The Albert Dehumidifier’s initial cost is more than that of certain other dehumidifier model


  • Effectively reduces surplus moisture with a decent dehumidification capacity of 20 liters per day.
  • Its small size and lightweight construction make it simple to transfer and set up in different rooms.
  • Continuous draining option for hassle-free operation; LED display and touch panel for simple humidity adjustment and monitoring.
  • A dedicated setting for drying laundry that dries items indoors more quickly.


  • 20 to 30 m2 of coverage only, suitable for smaller rooms.
  • A 450 W increase in energy consumption, which could lead to higher operating costs.
  • A 48 dB(A) noise level, which might be audible in quiet areas.


  • Effectively reduces surplus moisture with a dehumidification capability of 20 liters per day.
  • With a 30 m2 covering area, it is appropriate for medium-sized rooms.
  • Touch screen control panel with LED lighting for simple monitoring and operation.
  • 24-hour timer for flexible scheduling; laundry drying mode for speedy indoor clothing drying.


  • Similar to the Pro Breeze model, it consumes more energy (450 W), which could lead to greater operating costs.
  • 48 dB(A) noise level, which might be audible in calm areas

It is significant to remember that while selecting a dehumidifier, individual preferences and needs could differ. People can make an informed choice depending on their needs, the size of their space, their preferences for energy efficiency, and their budget by taking into account the advantages and disadvantages stated above.

The Albert Dehumidifier is an outstanding option for reducing summer humidity in the UAE because of its ideal dehumidification capability, sensible energy use, and appropriate coverage area. Throughout the summer, people may easily maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere, reduce mold growth, and support better respiratory health by investing in the Albert Dehumidifier. With the help of the Albert Dehumidifier, combat summertime humidity and enjoy a cool and comfortable indoor environment!

Original Source: https://www.thenationalnews.com/uae/environment/why-does-it-feel-so-much-hotter-humidity-in-the-uae-explained-1.884372


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